stories of your life

Dec 19, 2022

Earlier this year I was introduced to the weird, mind-bending world of Ted Chiang, through Stories of Your Life and Others, which includes the namesake novella Story of Your Life–the basis of 2016 sci-fi thriller Arrival. I’m also halfway through Exhalation, the other book of short stories and novellas from the author. For an active engineer in the world of AI, who’s read up a little on math and causality, every story in the book (that I’ve read so far) is a dark, beautiful, and bizarre mind-twister. ...

enjoyed recently - vol2

Apr 28, 2022

A great opinion piece by Ezra Klein on Twitter and Elon Musk. Some quotes: “So what is Twitter built to do? It’s built to gamify conversation.” “Attention is currency, and Twitter is the most important market for attention that there is.” “From 2017 to 2021, the White House was occupied by what was, in effect, a Twitter account with a cardiovascular system, and the whole world bore the consequences.” Naval Ravikant podcast with Vitalik Buterin. ...

Why Web3 is a good thing

Apr 21, 2022

I see a lot of heated religious arguments when it comes to web3, and here’s why I think it’s a thing of the future. It’s basically a single sign-on technology (“connect wallet”) that comes batteries included with a payment system. Moreover, you own your credentials—so your SSO and payment system access doesn’t depend on a corporation. In the future, you can provably ask the app you’re using to “forget” about you. ...

Some things I enjoyed recently

Apr 20, 2022

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