Hi! I’m Caner (pronounced, almost like, Djaner1).

I’m an ML scientist at Amazon Web Services, based out of Berlin. I work mostly on time-series forecasting, causal inference and anomaly detection problems.

Before that, I was a PhD student in Turkey, at Bogazici University in Istanbul. My advisor was Taylan Cemgil. Before going back to school, I worked in the management consulting industry, mostly as a data scientist and mostly in Africa and the Middle East.

I post stuff on Twitter mostly on machine learning, in Turkish and English. I also have code on github. If these things don’t interest you here’s a poem by Hikmet, and a panorama of the Bosphorus by Aivazovsky.

  1. For the ambitious phonology afocionado, the IPA is /dʒɑ’nɛɾ̞̊/, where the final sound is the “voiceless alveolar tapped fricative,” a common source of confusion between Turks (who think it’s a valid “r”) and the rest of the world. ↩︎